Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Only the schools which are registered under Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) can register.

Go to NBSE Portal > School Login > Register or Visit https://nbsenl.edu.in/school/register/select-school

  • 1. School Code Issued by NBSE
  • 2. School Name (Registered School Name with NBSE)
  • 3. A Valid Mobile Number and Email for OTP Authentication
  • 4. Contact Person Name (Head of School) and Address

Currently there is no provisions for Student Users Registration

NBSE helpdesk is a tool that organizes end-users (i.e. Schools & Students or Citizen) communication to help support respond to user more quickly and effectively. It allows user support team to offer the best possible experience to NBSE Portal users
Link : NBSE Helpdesk