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NBSE offline V6.2.2 (Form8 Form13 & Form 45) Offline Software | Released: 21-05-2022
Version: v6.2.2
Changes : Provision to perform Data Entry for Class 8 & 9 students(All categories). Correction in Form13 for student statistics . Result entry of class xi promotion exam
NBSE Offline V6.2.1 (Class X, XII Internal Marks Entry) Offline Software | Released: 04-04-2022
Version: v6.2.0
Changes : Internal Marks Entry for classes X(Form-32) and XII(Arts, Commerce Science Form-63). Issue with some Students for Missing 6th Subject Fixed. Student Data added for GMS Alahuto
NBSE Offline (Class VIII & Class IX result entry) Offline Software | Released: 18-01-2022
Version: v5.12.0
Changes : Fixed issue with Sixth subject: Agriculture(AV)
NBSE Offline (Class XI Form 42 & form 6D entry) Offline Software | Released: 28-09-2021
Version: v5.11.5
Changes : Added Compartmental Student Data , Missing Repeaters Data and New Category "Gap" for Students Prior to 2017,Added Stream Change Student Category, Permissions issue on deleting a record, Added Regular Gap Students Missing Data, Added Scroll view for Missing buttons, Corrected Amount calculation of Fees, Added School Govt. Middle School, Shikavi
NBSE_Offline(Entry of Form no_45,8,13&6) Offline Software | Released: 23-07-2021
Version: v5.10.4
Changes : For result entry of Class XI(Arts,Com,Sc), particulars of class VIII, IX & teachers list
NBSE_Offline(Entry of Form no 32,63_class X & XII internal marks) Offline Software | Released: 26-03-2021
Version: v5.10.3
Changes : Open the downloaded file with WinRar or any unzip software
NBSE Offline (Class VIII & Class IX result entry) Offline Software | Released: 06-03-2021
Version: v5.9.3
NBSE Offline (Class VIII- Id mark entry) Offline Software | Released: 21-11-2020
Version: v5.9.2
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